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About Sic Bo games

Though the Sic Bo board may seem complex, its rules are easy to understand. A Sic Bo dealer throws three dice in a small sic Bo cage and the players place bets on each throw's results. For example, a player can bet on the total three results of the dice that are thrown, two specific numbers that appear or any single number that appear. 

However, each bet has a different payout system depending on the probability. Just like on roulette, a punter is allowed to place as many bets as possible. 

How to bet on Sic Bo

Total three dice bet: This is the easiest bet on Sic Bo. It is usually between 4 to 17 or separate triple bets between 3 to 18. However, the payouts may differ based on the probability that each score will appear. These payouts are well indicated on the betting squares. 

Betting on Small and big: A player is allowed to bet on the total three dice that are small (4 to 10) and big (11 to 17). The payout on small and big is even just like playing red and black in roulette. Therefore, these bets are termed the basis of lower risk betting strategy in Sic Bo. However, small and big always lose when any triple bet appears. This explains why the 3 and 18 total is omitted when placing these bets. This rule is similar to the zero rule in roulette in that, it makes the 50/50 bets less than an even chance. 

Combination: The combination bet represents any bet placed on two particular numbers that appear on the three dice. It features a 6 to 1payout system. That is, the player wins 6 units for every one unit bet placed. Therefore, the total return is 7 units for every combination. The combination bet represents the medium risk Sic Bo betting strategy.

Betting on single numbers: This is the bet that a particular single number will appear on any three dice that are thrown. The payout on single bets is determined by the number of times the chosen number appears on the three dice thrown. If the chosen number appears on one dice, the player is paid one unit for one unit staked and if it turns up on two dice, the player is paid two units for every unit staked.

Betting on double numbers: This is a bet that two specific numbers will appear on the three dice thrown. The player is allowed to bet on any double between 1 to 6. The payout for double bet is usually 10 to 1. That is, you are paid ten units for every one unit staked. 

Triple bet: This is a bet that all the dice will show particular number. You are allowed to bet on any triple from 1 to 6 and that any non-specific triple will appear. The payout for triple bet is 30 to 1. That is, you are 30 units for any one unit staked.