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The game of Baccarat is featured in nearly every standard casino in the world.  It is a very popular game, though there are some people who haven't yet learned the rules.  Anyone wishing to play this classic game will undoubtedly want to learn a little more about how it works.  There are a few different variations on the game, but the basic rules are largely the same across the board.  The game uses a standard deck of cards, but converts the value of each card in to a set of points.  The ultimate goal of the game is to get 9 points in a hand or get as close as possible otherwise.

Players will need to understand how each of the cards is converted in the point system.  For cards that are numbered 2-9, they will simply be converted to that number of points.  The 10 card and all of the face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are assigned a value of zero.  An Ace is assigned a value of one in this game.  Players will initially be dealt two cards, which they will need to examine for the next phase of the game.  If players have a total of 5 points or less in their hand, they will need to draw another card.  If the opening hand is 6 or more total points, the player will simply stand.

It is important to note that players will often total double digit points when they look at their hand.  When this happens, they will simply count the higher digit out of the total number.  For instance, a player may have drawn a hand that results in a total of 17.  For purposes of this game, this would result in a score of 7.  Players will need to place their bets depending on what they may expect from the next few rounds of play.  The ultimate goal of the game is to get as close to the number 9 as possible.

During each game of Baccarat, the dealer will also be drawing a hand to compete against the player.  However, the dealer follows a slightly different set of rules.  There are actually many different variations of the game, which may affect how the dealer will proceed.  It may help for the player to learn a few of these variations, since they will be much more prepared to place their bets during the game.

There are a few reasons why this game has become so popular over time.  It features a relatively low house edge during the game, with some versions going down to as low as 1%.  This will give players a good chance of winning during the course of each game.  Players will also have the option to place a dealer bet, which will allow them to actually collect winnings if the dealer's hand comes closer to 9.  Players can also choose to place a tie bet, though the odds of this happening are fairly low