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About Roulette games

Since its inception in the 17th century in France, Roulette has continued to be one of the most popular games in casinos all over the world. It provides glamor, excitement, and mystery every player seeks in a casino, not to mention the high possibility of walking away with significant winnings on a lucky day.

It is essentially important to first understand the roulette equipment before you can play. The term roulette is derived from the French name for a little wheel. The European version has 37 slots while the American wheel has 38 numbers labeled 00 to 37. You simply need to place your bet on the number correlating to the slot you expect the ball to land in. The objective is to pick a winning number you expect to appear on the roulette wheel. The game also allows you to bet on a combination of numbers. You can even choose an even or odd number to bet on. 

It is also important to know the game layout before you can play. Basically, roulette has two betting areas namely the inside and outside betting areas. The inside betting area has numbers around the layout while the outside betting area has boxes that make up columns, red and black colors, and odd or even groups of numbers. The numbers on the inside are arranged in a set of 12 rows each containing three numbers to form three vertical columns. 
Players must first buy special roulette chips before they can play. The chips come in different colors and patterns to avoid confusion or disputes among players seated at the same table. You can only use the chips at a single table and you will have to cash them in after you are done playing.

There is also a minimum and maximum bet for each table. You also can not combine your inside and outside bets to meet the minimum bet for the table. Each is treated differently. Inside bets have higher paying odds than outside bets. To increase your paying odds, it is wise to first understand different types of “inside” bet terminologies such as Straight Up betting, Split betting, and Street betting among others. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to always start on a free table and bet on the outside chances until you have properly understood the inside bet strategies.